- Sonido de cine

My name is Antonio de Benito (Toni de Benito to most people) and I have always worked on soundtracks, especially in the audio-visual industry. When I was fifteen I used to make super 8 soundtracks cutting the magnetic tapes with a razor blade.



I see my work as a craftsmanship.  By this I mean that I’m not very interested in increasing my volume of production, but just in working calmly and dedicating my efforts to each of my projects. I like to show the soul of the characters and places through sound and its technological manipulation. I like to explore the spirit of the film based on the script and by knowing what the director is really looking for.  I believe that it is necessary to understand the technology very well in order to not depend entirely on it and I try to apply emotional intelligence to the whole process.


Click here if you want to see a demo reel with some samples of my work.

I live in Asturias and here is where I usually record, so I know the business well, its peculiarities and its problems. Nevertheless, I could go anywhere  a film crew can go.    Click here to see my contact details.

And regarding postproduction..., anywhere. Usinf the Internet  I can deal with the sound editing and mixing (via ftp) for any project wherever you may be.
You can click here for details.